RealitySoSubtle 6x9F (filter)

Camera features

    • Very compact pocket design with rounded edges
    • Lightweight at 275 grams (0.6 lbs)
    • CNC machined body from High Impact Polystyrene (H.I.P)
    • Flat film plane with pinhole to film distance (focal length) of 27mm.
    • Built in 52mm filter thread .
    • 56.2 x89mm image area  – 8 shots per roll on 120 film.
    • Angle of view: 118 degrees horizontal, 92 degrees vertical. (35mm equiv. of 11mm)
    • Laser drilled 200 micron (0.2mm) pinhole (f/135). Pinhole material thickness = 50 microns (.002″).
    • Magnetic shutter – magnetic ‘snap to’ both open and closed position
    • Accurate CNC engraved aiming lines on top and both sides for accurate framing.
    • 1/4-20 tripod mount
    • Film winds in both directions (nice for double exposures)
    • Brass winding shafts turning in precision bearings
    • Top-loader with top panel fixed with captive screws
    • Lens cap included
    • Sliding cover for red-window (winding on peep hole)  – required for very long exposures when using ND filters
















































































These are some photos taken in Iceland by the talented Nils Karlson, you can find his work on his website and instagram.

Buy the camera here for €110 + shipping.

Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-6 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-9 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-18 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-21 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-27