RSS 6×6 Inspiration

Check out this striking shot by Stephan Sostaric with the RSS 6×6 :

image2 600px

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Iceland – RSS 6x9F images

Some photos taken in Iceland by Nils Karlson and his RSS 6x9F, you can find his work on his website and instagram.

Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-6 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-9 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-18 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-21 Nils Karlson 6x9F Iceland-27

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Epic images from the 6x17F by Nils Karlson

Check out these beauties from Nils Karlson and the 6x17F. (More on the camera page)


Nils Karlson 617F Iceland-17

Nils Karlson 617F Iceland-13

Nils Karlson 617F Iceland-1

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Some 6×12 inspiration…

Check out these brilliant and original images made by Mark McCreary: You can follow Mark on instagram.

She's here for the sugar, I'm here for the caffeine

People keep saying summer is over

En garde!

Master Locked

I have some 6×12 cameras in stock now. Buy it here for €160 + shipping.

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On holidays! Will return to take orders 28th july.


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6x9F added to the line-up

New! 6x9F…27mm focal length with 52mm filter mount.

Find out more here.


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