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RealitySoSubtle 6x6F

This is now available to order here. The first cameras have already shipped and the next batch is shipping on 8th April.

The camera is similar to the dual pinhole 6×6 but this one has a single central pinhole and a built-in 52mm filter ring so you can shoot with filters.

Read more about it here.

20130822 orig final

jan 2017003s

RealitySoSubtle 8×10″

Added to the line-up following several customer requests. The 8×10″ will not be a regular stock item but can be supplied with a lead time of around 3-4 weeks (order to delivery). More details here.


New – Added pinholes sizes and ‘Slits’

We’ve added to the range of pinhole diameters available – 0.05mm, 0.1mm and 1.0mm pinholes join the existing line-up.


2 ‘slit’ sizes have also been added – 0.2mmx 1.0mm and 0.3mm x 1.5mm. Create unique images with a ‘motion’ effect in your chosen direction depending on how you mount the slit.

Free shipping on these items! More info here.



Some inspiration…

Here’s a few recent photos that landed in the RealitySoSubtle Flickr Group..

From the 6×6…

Never too many, never enough

From the 4×5″…
 Walt Disney Concert Hall

From the 6×17…


6×12 Panoramic now available!

6×12 Panoramic Pinhole! 60mm focal length, f200, dual pinholes for horizon placement on either third, excellent CNC build as per the RealitySoSubtle 6×17.

More here!

RealitySoSubtle 6x12


Some customer images with the 6×6..

Happy new year!

This year I’m going to add at least 1, maybe 2 more pinhole cameras to the line-up. I’ve got a 6×12 curved film plane (120 degree angle of view) almost ready to go and there might be a 35mm camera coming later in the year.

For now enjoy these images shot with the RealitySoSubtle 6×6 camera and some very talented photographers!

More details on the RealitySoSubtle 6×6 camera here!

These were shot by Olle Pursiainen

me @ the barn   

These beauties by Chester Chen:

Garden Bridge Pinhole

iHub Building

Morning Light


and these by Emre Yildirim
Emre Yildir
Little Tower