RealitySosubtle 6×6 now available!

Finally.. It’s ready! I think it might be the smallest medium format pinhole camera out there!!

The first units will be shipping towards the end of this week. You can order yours now here!

More information of the camera here!

I’ll be adding some better shots of the camera over the coming days…

image (11)s

photo (3)s

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Closed for Holidays

I am taking holidays from now until the 8th August. Any orders in the mean time will ship on the 10th.

I will be bringing a prototype RealitySoSubtle 6×6 with me for testing!!!

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Shooting 6x17s in the Burren

I was recently in Ireland for a long weekend and took along my own RealitySoSubtle 6×17 pinhole camera. This area is known as ‘the Burren’ (Rocky place) – a ruggedly beautiful and inspiring landscape.




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Infra-red with the RealitySoSubtle 4×5

Yesterday evening I went to Nantes in order to try out some infra-red pinhole with the 4×5 pinhole camera. The film used here is Rollei IR400, and the filter used is the Hoya R72.

Thank you Jacob Klee for finding and sharing the perfect ASA (with the R72 filter) and reciprocity characteristics for this film….which are as follows:

Note: I was using the ‘Pinhole assist’ app on the iphone to meter and the “Reciprocity+” app to compensate the metered time.


1: Meter at ASA3 (using pinhole assist app with the applicable “f number” set),

2. Enter metered time into “Reciprocity+” app using the “Tri-x – plus x125”  reciprocity setting (which I copied and renamed Rollei IR400).

This exposure ( of the beautiful Lu tower in Nantes) was 5 minutes..

Lu Tower



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Set of all 5 pinhole aperture sizes now available..

Full set of all 5 sizes now available here for 20 including shipping!

Top quality laser drilled pinholes in sizes 0.15, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5mm.

Alternatively buy individually for 6 each including shipping.


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4×5 now with CNC engraving..

The RealitySoSubtle 4×5 pinhole camera now inlcudes CNC engraving of the ”f” number, logo and aiming lines..

….In stock now!



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