Paolo Cescato The studio owner, Paolo Cescato, held an interest for photography from a young age when he first used a Kodak Brownie Holiday on a class trip. He started experimenting more with cameras and film types in high school and is now a self-taught professional photographer. Paolo discovered his passion for photography in the pursuit of a degree in architecture and industrial engineering. Throughout his post secondary education he was involved in several school newspapers and freelanced. He has never stopped taking photographs which is where his passion lies. He eventually; followed his life's passion and now operates Cescato Studio as his full time career. He enjoys all aspects and many types of photography but his specialty includes school and amateur sports photography. Since his first images on the Brownie the studio now operates a digital workflow process.

Nothing of this magnitude is accomplished alone. I would like to thank all the people who got me here: my parents Aldo and Maria Cescato, my sister Nadia, my sister Anna and her husband Eric along with my nephew Sean, my high school classmates Carlo Abballe and Paolo Fietta, the Deli family, Fred Taylor for giving me my first break, George Bartolo for his friendship and photographic enthusiasm, my daughters Angela and Sofia who inspire me daily and finally to my wife Gina for her endless encouragement and patience.

Thank you to all who have helped me and continue to inspire my photographic spirit.


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